Writing for children [This is Culture]
Alain Serge Dzotap has made writing for children his main focus. This Cameroonian publisher, born in 1978 in Bafoussam, Western Cameroon and the youngest of a large family of ten, first discovered storytelling at school and since then, a crazy love for children stories has stuck with him. But, young Alain Serge Dzotap’s parents could not read or write. And so unfortunately, he had to wait until the age of 21 to hold his very first book, which he could finally take in at the Baffoussam library. Then, a door opened to the rest of the world. The French Institute in the Republic of Congo invited him to organize reading workshops in the commercial city, Pointe Noire. The move was to help inculcate the culture of reading into these young ones. Our Cedric Sehossolo caught up with him to inquire about the importance of writing for children. He has more details in this week’s edition of ‘This is Culture’ on the Morning Call.